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The KaBloom is here!

The KaBloom was created during the course of the Instagram Live show, Broadcast Bloom. The show is the first of its kind, allowing collectors and peers to have input on a designer toy while watching the full creative process. Design ideas were workshopped live on Instagram and viewers were able to watch sculpting, sanding, mold-making, casting and painting. 


The KaBloom is a limited edition art toy made of five separate pieces: the Bloom itself and four plug-in accessories to give the impression of exploding. 


Made from hand-cast resin, acrylic rods and acrylic paint. Due to the handmade nature of these pieces and the painting process, each piece is unique. 


Each Ka-Bloom is approximately 3” tall. 


$25 each


SKU: KaBloom
Excluding Sales Tax
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