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Hear what Chat GPT had to say about the Lava Dunny!


"🌋 Unleash the fiery passion of art with our limited micro-run edition: The Custom 3” Lava Dunny! Crafted for the discerning eye of designer toy aficionados and art enthusiasts alike, this exclusive piece is a testament to creativity and individuality.

🔥 Each Lava Dunny stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, merging artistic innovation with collectible allure. Hand-crafted in a limited edition, this masterpiece brings the raw energy of molten lava into the palm of your hand.

🎨 Elevate your collection or surprise someone special with a gift that speaks volumes about their unique style. With its vibrant colors and distinctive design, the Custom Lava Dunny is more than a toy; it's a statement of artistic expression.

💫 Own a piece of exclusive artistry for $80. Hurry, as this limited micro-run edition won't last long! Embrace the heat of creativity today."


Some things chat gpt left out through no fault of its own, its obviously human error. 

Edition of just 10, each piece is a completely unique pattern. 

Stands 3" Tall.

NOT actually made of Lava. 

Super Rad. 


Custom 3” Lava Dunny

Excluding Sales Tax
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