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Best Wishes

Driving in New York’s Hudson Valley in 2020 at the height of the pandemic Kirwan stumbled upon the real life practice represented in the sculpture. “Just seeing this on the side of the road, it felt like the perfect response to the chaotic atmosphere of the world. Like ‘yup’ that’s it, that’s what being alive is like in this moment.” remembers Kirwan, “The original intent of people tying snarky balloons to roadkill might’ve just been silly morbid humor, but in my mind it instantly read as social critique and commentary and I think ultimately I was able to borrow a simple visual gag to make a broader statement.”

From the artists perspective ‘Best Wishes’ invites the viewer to consider the implications of a society that is unwilling to face its own flaws, preferring empty platitudes over action, showing up with flowers, too little effort too late to matter.

This exquisitely sculpted limited edition resin sculpture is handmade by the artist in his studio. Painted beautifully in oils Best Wishes easily stands alone as a featured centerpiece or a fantastic edition to any collection.

The sculpture is 7”(L)x7”(W)x7(T) Domestic Shipping Included

This is a pre-order. shipping date 1st quarter 2023.

Best Wishes

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