Saturday, May 23, 2015


Oh man, watch out for sincerity ...

The whole point of the Dare to Pee kickstarter is about publicity. The art tour is to expand our range and get more people interested and we thought a funny/cute/puppy theme was the way to go. That being said we really are relying on our awesome circles of friends, family and outstandingly great looking people to help us get the word out. Kickstarter bases the way they promote their campaigns on the number of backers so a $1 backing from a bunch of people is so awesome for us. The tour isn't reliant on the Kickstarters success but its such a great publicity method that we had to use it but we really need your help to get the word out. If you were planning on backing or on the fence we would be pumped if you took a couple of minutes to back just a buck and share our project in your circles. Its pretty key to the success and the video alone is worth the few minutes it will take.


Dare to Dream y'all.

Dare to Pee



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